8 Positive Attitudes (Gujarati Book)

8 Positive Attitudes book pdf free download
8 Positive Attitudes (Gujarati Book) By Robert H. Schuller

8 Positive Attitudes (Gujarati Book) By Robert H. Schuller. Now in Gujarati, the good news is… The bad news can be turned into good news… When you change your attitude! Life can be tough in this high-powered, fast-paced world. So how can we do more than merely survive? How can we create rich and abundant lives that are fulfilling for us and a blessing to those around us? How can we make our dreams come true and find real happiness in spite of disappointments, tough times, and our own weaknesses? Best-selling author Dr. Robert Schuller applies the timeless message of the beatitudes from Jesus’ sermon on the Mount, to these questions. Looking at the beatitudes one by one, Dr. Schuller explores what they mean for us today and shows how making eight crucial attitude adjustments can make a practical difference in your life. 8 positive attitudes can help you grow and prosper despite hard times, maintain a positive attitude in the face of your problems and live harmoniously and happily no matter what situation you face.

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