A Quick Start Guide to Financial Forecasting

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Philip Campbell,

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A Quick Start Guide to Financial Forecasting Pdf

This book provides a surprisingly simple and easy-to-understand guide to reliable financial forecasting, one of the most powerful financial products in the business. It will change the financial future of your business and help you make better, faster and smarter financial decisions. What if you have a clear view through the financial windshield of your business? What if I have answers to questions such as:

What about profitability and cash flow? How much cash can I distribute to the owner this year? I make money in my business, why am I still running out of cash so much? Is it possible to make a balloon payment for a debt that will be paid over 6 months? How long does it take to repay the debt? What are the tax standards for this year? What will happen to my cash balance after 6 months? What is the financial future of my company?
Reliable financial forecasts provide quick answers to these questions. It helps you control your profitability and cash flow by giving you the answers to the most important financial questions you face in your business. It gives you the courage and confidence to make better business decisions as you work to survive and prosper in an ever-changing business world. Today, too many entrepreneurs and CEOs feel more like passengers than business drivers. They look in the rear-view mirror as they bounce in the passenger seat. Your company accelerates the business highway, wondering and worried about where your business will end up financially. Reliable financial forecasts solve this problem by providing a clear view through the financial windshield of your business. Create the visibility and clarity you need to drive your business to a bigger, better economic future. Get to the driver’s seat of your business by taking advantage of the unique and exciting benefits of financial forecasting.



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