A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript

By | July 19, 2021

A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript Book Pdf Free DownloadA Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript By Mark Myers

A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript: The new approach that uses technology to cut your effort in half  is programming book by Mark Myers, published in 2014.

Learning JavaScript is hell because of two problems.
I remove the problems, and you start having fun.

The first problem is retention. You remember only ten or twenty percent of what you read. That spells failure. To become fluent in a computer language, you have to retain pretty much everything.

How can you retain everything? Only by constantly being asked to play everything back. That’s why people use flashcards. But my system does flashcards one better. After reading a short chapter, you go to my website and complete twenty interactive exercises. Algorithms check your work to make sure you know what you think you know. When you stumble, you do the exercise again. You keep trying until you know the chapter cold. The exercises are free.

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