Advanced Manufacturing and Processing Technology

Advanced Manufacturing and Processing Technology Book Pdf Free DownloadAdvanced Manufacturing and Processing Technology By Chander Prakash, Sunpreet Singh, J. Paulo Davim

Advanced Manufacturing and Processing Technology is book for engineering mechanical student by Chander Prakash, Sunpreet Singh, J. Paulo Davim.

This book disseminates recent research, theories, and practices relevant to the areas of surface engineering and the processing of materials for functional applications in the aerospace, automobile, and biomedical industries.

The book focuses on the hidden technologies and advanced manufacturing methods that may not be standardized by research institutions but are greatly beneficial to material and manufacturing industrial engineers in
many ways. It details projects, research activities, and innovations in a global platform to strengthen the knowledge of the concerned community. The book covers surface engineering including coating, deposition, cladding, nanotechnology, surface finishing, precision machining, processing, and emerging advanced manufacturing technologies to enhance the performance of materials in terms of corrosion, wear, and fatigue.

The book captures the emerging areas of materials science and advanced manufacturing engineering and presents recent trends in research for researchers, field engineers, and academic professionals.


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