Analytics for Insurance – The Real Business of Big Data (2016)

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Tony Boobier,

Analytics for Insurance - The Real Business of Big Data (2016) Pdf

Analytics for Insurance – The Real Business of Big Data (2016) Pdf

The large data guide in insurance, with a practical vision of the application. Large data and analytical for insurers are the specific guideline of the industry to create operational efficiency, manage risk, improve finance and retain customers. From another perspective than you, this book focuses less on architecture and technical details, instead of giving a practical guide on converting analysis into the delivery of goals. The discussion explores the implementation, interpretation and application to show what a great data can do for your business, with ideas and examples specifically addressed to the insurance industry. Since the analysis of fraud in managing claims, until the analysis of the customers, the analysis of risks in solvency 2, the comprehensive coverage in accessible language makes this guide a valuable resource for any insurance professional. The insurance industry depends to a large extent on the data, and the advent of Big Data and Analytics represents an important in advance with a tremendous potential, but does not have practical advice on the commercial side of the analyzes. This book complements the gap with concrete information on the use of large data in the context of daily operations and strategy.
* Understand what big data is and what you can do.

* Floor of the specific impact of large data in the insurance industry

* Learn how advanced the industry can revolutionize.

* Bring large data and strategy, management, marketing and more

Big data and analytics become changing business but how? Most Big Data Guides discuss data collection, database management systems, advanced analysis and power of large data, but what does it really do with it? Big data and analytics for insurers respond to their questions in real business terms, every day, specifically adapted to the unique needs, challenges and objectives of the insurance industry.

Analytics for Insurance PDF

Author(s): Tony Boobier

Publisher: Wiley, Year: 2016

ISBN: 9781119141075,9781119141099,9781119141082,9781119316244




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