Circuit Analysis For Dummies John Santiago

Circuit Analysis For Dummies John Santiago

Circuit Analysis For Dummies John Santiago

Contents of Circuit Analysis For Dummies PDF

Part 1: Getting Started with Circuit Analysis

Chapter 1: Introducing Circuit Analysis
Chapter 2: Clarifying Basic Circuit Concepts and Diagrams
Chapter 3: Exploring Simple Circuits with Kirchhoff’s Laws
Chapter 4: Simplifying Circuit Analysis with Source Transformation and Division Techniques

Part 2: Applying Analytical Methods for Complex Circuits

Chapter 5: Giving the Nod to Node-Voltage Analysis
Chapter 6: Getting in the Loop on Mesh Current Equations
Chapter 7: Solving One Problem at a Time Using Superposition
Chapter 8: Applying Thévenin’s and Norton’s Theorems

Part 3: Understanding Circuits with Transistors and Operational Amplifiers

Chapter 9: Dependent Sources and the Transistors That Involve Them
Chapter 10: Letting Operational Amplifiers Do the Tough Math Fast

Part 4: Applying Time-Varying Signals to First- and Second-Order Circuits

Chapter : Making Waves with Funky Functions
Chapter 11: Spicing Up Circuit Analysis with Capacitors and Inductors
Chapter 12: Tackling First-Order Circuits
Chapter 13: Analyzing Second-Order Circuits

Part 5: Advanced Techniques and Applications in Circuit Analysis

Chapter 14: Phasing in Phasors for Wave Functions
Chapter 15: Predicting Circuit Behavior with Laplace Transform Techniques
Chapter 16: Implementing Laplace Techniques for Circuit Analysis
Chapter 17: Focusing on the Frequency Responses

Part 6: The Part of Tens

Chapter 18: Ten Practical Applications for Circuits
Chapter 19: Ten Technologies Affecting Circuits

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