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Computer-based Numerical and Statistical Techniques Book Pdf Free Download

Computer-based Numerical and Statistical Techniques By Manish Goyal

Computer-based Numerical and Statistical Techniques is mathematical problem solving book by Manish Goyal, published in 2005.

Advances in fields such as bioengineering, industrial engineering, and robotic design now require engineers to have a sound background in statistical methods to optimize performance and minimize error in problem-solving applications. By joining statistical analysis with computer-based numerical methods, this book bridges the gap between theory and practice with software-based examples, flow charts, and applications. Designed for engineering students as well as practicing engineers and scientists, the book has numerous examples with in-text solutions. In terms of content, it covers the sequence of mathematical topics needed by the majority of university courses, including calculus, error-handling, and ODEs; in addition, the book covers statistical computation and testing of hypothesis-usually omitted from numerical methods texts. Using flow charts and computer programs, the authors demonstrate how the mathematical concepts will be implemented in practical applications such as circuits, signal processing, and more. A CD-ROM with the source code for the in-text computer programs includes calculation routines and simulations.

Computer-Based Numerical & Statistical Techniques (Mathematics)

Author(s): Manish Goyal

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers, Year: 2007

ISBN: 978-0-9778582-5-5

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