Digital Marketing For Dummies by Ryan Deiss and Russ Henneberry

Digital Marketing For Dummies by Ryan Deiss and Russ Henneberry

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Language English
Pages 363
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Digital Marketing For Dummies by Ryan Deiss and Russ Henneberry

Digital Marketing For Dummies by Ryan Deiss and Russ Henneberry | PDF Free Download.

Digital Marketing Contents

Part 1: Getting Started With Digital Marketing 

  • CHAPTER 1: Understanding The Customer Journey 
  • CHAPTER 2: Choosing The Right Marketing Campaign
  • CHAPTER 3: Crafting Winning Offers

Part 2: Using Content To Generate Fans, Followers, And Customers 

  • CHAPTER 4: Pursuing Content Marketing Perfection
  • CHAPTER 5: Blogging For Business
  • CHAPTER 6: Taking Stock Of 57 Blog Post Ideas

Part 3: Generating Website Traffic

  • CHAPTER 7: Building High-Converting Landing Pages 
  • CHAPTER 8: Capturing Traffic With Search Marketing 
  • CHAPTER 9: Leveraging The Social Web 
  • CHAPTER 10: Tapping Into Paid Traffic
  • CHAPTER 11: Following Up With Email Marketing 

Part 4: Measuring, Analyzing, And Optimizing Campaigns

  • CHAPTER 12:Crunching Numbers: Running A Data-Driven Business 
  • CHAPTER 13: Optimizing Your Campaigns For Maximum ROI

Part 5: The Part Of Tens

  • CHAPTER 14: The Ten Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes
  • CHAPTER 15: Ten Trending Digital Marketing Skills To Add To Your Resume
  • CHAPTER 16: Ten Essential Tools For Digital Marketing Success

Introduction to Digital Marketing For Dummies PDF

Congratulations! With the purchase of this book, you’ve taken a big step toward generating engagement, leads, and sales for your company by using digital marketing.

This book is full of insights and strategy tips for anyone starting a new business or hoping to take an existing business online.

Or if you’re just looking to hone your current digital marketing skills and get up to speed on the latest in digital marketing tactics and resources, this book is for you as well. The online marketing scene moves fast, no question about it.

Tools and applications rise (and fall) every month. Blogs declare a marketing tactic hot one week and dead the next. So how does a book about digital marketing avoid becoming outdated before the ink is dry? Simple.

Today, digital marketing is less about digital and more about marketing. Sure, the Internet has disrupted every industry, from retail clothing to taxi ¬services — but, over time, fundamental disciplines have emerged as the staples of marketing any organization in a digital world.

As you see in this book, these timeless fundamentals of digital marketing remain pertinent, regardless of the tool, tactic, or application.

About Digital Marketing For Dummies PDF Book

There’s nothing magical or tricky about properly executed digital marketing, and you don’t need to be overly technical to succeed at it. If you offer a product or service that the market desires, you can find success online by applying the techniques that you learn in this book.

Digital Marketing For Dummies doesn’t present hype about the latest flashy tactics in marketing, digital, or otherwise.

Instead, the book covers foundational disciplines such as content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing, always in the context of the goals that businesses care about.

These goals include acquiring new leads and customers, monetizing the leads and customers you already have, and creating communities of brand advocates and promoters.

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