Essentials of Marketing Management 2nd Edition

Essentials of Marketing Management 2nd Edition Pdf

The overall success of an organization depends on how marketing strategies can communicate and maintain operational focus on market needs. Lancaster and Machine Gum Vital Studies use a variety of examples and case studies from around the world to provide an alternative to the traditional American teaching materials currently available.

This second issue has been completely revised and updated, including a new chapter on digital marketing by Dr. Wilson Uzem.

The topics covered are:

Organizational consumer and buyer behavior
Product and innovation strategy
Direct marketing
Social media marketing

Designed and created for undergraduate, MBA, and master’s students in marketing management classes, the marketing management gist is in a previously successful edition to provide a solid foundation for understanding this core topic. Is based.


Essentials of Marketing Management PDF

Author(s): Geoffrey Lancaster, Lester Massingham

Publisher: Routledge, Year: 2011

ISBN: 0415553474,9780415553476

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