Intermediate Accounting 9th Edition

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9th Edition



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J David Spiceland,
Mark W Nelson,
Wayne M Thomas,

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Intermediate Accounting 9th Edition Pdf

Interim accounting is rapidly becoming the most popular resource in the field due to its rigorous yet readable approach to the course and the consistent and consistent voice of the writing team. The Spiceland team is committed to providing the current comprehensive and clear coverage of interim accounting, and in the 9th edition, Connect continues to be used as a market-leading digital learning and education tool.
Spiceland excels at fully preparing students for CPA exams and future careers through award-winning conversational writing, carefully crafted teaching methods, and a wealth of online tools. Spiceland helps students better understand theoretical and practical concepts and guides them to more fully master accounting principles.

The new 9th edition fully integrates the latest FASB updates, including:

Lease (ch. 15)

Financial products (Chapter 12)

Revenue recognition (Chapter 5)

An extensive collection of new technology assets highlights additional improvements to this issue, including:

Draft review video
Excel simulation
Ledger problem
Accounting cycle review
Improved Connect user interface

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