Introduction to the Quantum Theory

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Introduction to the Quantum Theory By David Park

Introduction to the Quantum Theory is a physics book by David Park, published in 1964.

More than a chance to gain new insights into physics, this book offers students the opportunity to look at what they already know about the subject in an improved way. Geared toward upper-level undergraduates and graduate students, this self-contained first course in quantum mechanics consists of two parts: the first covers basic theory, and the second part presents selected applications. Numerous problems of varying difficulty examine not only the steps of the proofs but also related ideas.

Starting with an introduction that ventures beyond classical physics, the first part examines the physical content of the wave function; general principles; physics in one dimension; hermitian operators, symmetry, and angular momentum; and systems in two and three dimensions. Additional topics include approximate methods of calculation; the theory of scattering; spin and isospin; questions of physical meaning; electromagnetic radiation; systems containing identical particles; and classical dynamics and Feynman’s construction.



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