Jaded Spring

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Jaded Spring By Kristen Martin

Jaded Spring is a fantasy novel in Shadow Crown Series by Kristen Martin, published in 2020.

As Cruex-turned-Caldari Arden Eliri approaches her eighteenth birthday, adjusting to life as illusié has proven to be anything but easy. An untimely death – one that should have made waves throughout the Lands of Aeridon – caused merely a ripple.

That same death appears to have been at the hands of Arden herself.

As Aeridon’s most desirable renegade, she sees no other choice than to forego the safety and comfort of the Queendom of Sardoria – and with it, her fellow Caldari. Even so, that doesn’t stop her ex-partner-and-confidante, Rydan Helstrom, from attempting to reach her with news that could shatter her very reality . . . and everything she thought she knew about her family – or lack thereof.

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