Langman’s Medical Embryology PDF

Langman’s Medical Embryology PDF

Langmans Medical Embryology, 14th Edition, is brilliantly presented with full-color charts and clinical photographs, giving medical, nursing, and health professional students confidence in a basic understanding of embryology and its clinical relevance. Useful for development. Concise chapter summaries, compelling clinical correlation boxes, clinical questions, and a clear and concise style allow students to access and appeal to topics during the course. The updated content reflects the latest clinical findings regarding the effects of Zika virus, genitourinary disorders, and more. The clinical correlation block links clinically relevant content to scenarios that students may actually experience. Over 400 full-color illustrations, micrographs and clinical images explain important aspects of embryogenesis. The questions to be solved in the accompanying answers will help determine the student’s understanding. Chapter summaries and an extensive glossary enhance your understanding of important developmental stages, terminology, and clinical conditions. The illustrated development map provides students with a visual guide overview throughout the embryonic development stage. Updated online review questions with answers help students assess their understanding and identify areas of weakness.

Langman’s Medical Embryology PDF

Langman’s Medical Embryology

Author(s): T.W. Sadler

Publisher: LWW, Year: 2018

ISBN: 978-1496383907

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