Nanotechnology for Dummies by Richard Booker and Earl Boysen

Nanotechnology for Dummies by Richard Booker and Earl Boysen

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Nanotechnology for Dummies by Richard Booker and Earl Boysen

Nanotechnology for Dummies by Richard Booker and Earl Boysen | PDF Free Download.

Authors of Nanotechnology for Dummies eBook

Richard Booker is a doctoral student at Rice University working under Dr. Richard Smalley, discoverer of the buckyball. He was lucky enough to get an outstanding education, starting with four intense years at Boston University earning a computer engineering degree.

After college, he joined the Air Force, where he managed weapon systems and researched battlespace networks while simultaneously working on his master’s degree in computer engineering.

After four years, Captain Booker left the wild blue yonder to pursue his Ph.D. in applied physics at Rice and delve into the “new” world of nanotechnology.

Rich’s next ambitious adventure will be developing the armchair quantum wire (see Chapters 4 and 5 of this book) and helping to bring other nano applications to market.

His interests include flying, skydiving, scuba diving, music, art, movies, and, in his spare time, working on being humble.

Earl Boysen is an engineer who, after 20 years in the computer-chip industry, decided to “slow down” and move to a quiet town in Washington. Earl is the co-author of Electronics For Dummies and holds degrees in chemistry and physics.

He lives in a house he designed and built himself, and keeps as busy as ever writing, acting, teaching math and science, dancing, and walking.

Nanotechnology for Dummies Contents

Part I: Getting Small with Nanotechnology 

  • Chapter 1: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Nanotechnology 
  • Chapter 2: Nano in Your Life 
  • Chapter 3: Gathering the Tools of the Trade 

Part II: Building a Better World with Nanomaterials 

  • Chapter 4: Nanomaterials Galore
  • Chapter 5: Adding Strength with Composites 

Part III: “Smarter” Computers! Faster Internet!

  • Cheaper Energy! 
  • Chapter 6: Building a Better Digital Brain 
  • Chapter 7: Routing Information at the Speed of Light
  • Chapter 8: Nano-flying Electronics
  • Chapter 9: Getting Energy and a Cleaner Environment with Nanotech

Part IV: Living Healthier Lives 

  • Chapter 10: Diagnosing Personal Health Quickly, Easily, and Pain-Free 
  • Chapter 11: The Fantastic Voyage into Medical Applications

Part V: Investing in Nanotech 

  • Chapter 12: Industries Going Small
  • Chapter 13: Countries Investing In a Nano Future 
  • Chapter 14: Nanotechnology Goes to School 

Part VI: The Part of Tens

  • Chapter 15: Ten (or So) Nanotech Movers and Shakers
  • Chapter 16: Further Reading on the Web and in Your Library 

Introduction to Nanotechnology for Dummies PDF

Have you been reading the latest science magazines and noticed that the word “nano” has become as ubiquitous as the word “calorie” in a diet book?

Are you looking for the latest hot investment opportunity and you’ve heard that something called nanotechnology will someday revolutionize our lives, and quite possibly your portfolio? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Nanotechnology For Dummies is a fantastic way to get beyond all the hype and really understand what nanotechnology is and where it’s headed.

This is no dry, scientific journal; what you hold in your hands is a book that gives you just what you need to comprehend the basic concepts of nanotechnology, discover what nanotechnologists are making happen today, and get a look at the groundwork for tomorrow’s nano-applications.

Why Nanotechnology?

We figure you have heard the term nanotechnology (unless you live in a cave) and have at least a passing interest in learning more, or you wouldn’t have picked up this book.

But what exactly is it about nanotechnology that makes it worth your while to explore? Well, how about the probability that nanotechnology is the future?

With the study of nano-size particles, devices, and composites, we will find ways to make stronger materials, detect diseases in the bloodstream, build extremely tiny machines, generate light and energy, and purify water.

In the business and investing world, the changes nanotechnology will bring in the next few decades will change the way people consume things and, if you hadn’t heard yet, we do live in a consumer society, which means that businesses and investors are more than slightly interested in technologies set to revolutionize the manufacturing of consumer goods.

Fabrics in our clothing will become stronger and more stain-resistant and keep us warmer. Cosmetics will gain skin-healing properties to keep us looking younger.

TV flat-panel displays will become crisper, and solar cells will become more cost-effective. Drugs will have fewer side effects, as nanotechnology helps your body absorb them more completely and quickly.

In fact, there is probably not a walk of life that won’t be affected by nanotechnology eventually. If that’s not enough of a reason to read this book, how about this: Nanotechnology is just downright fascinating!

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