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Nehru: The Invention of India book pdf free download

Nehru: The Invention of India By Shashi Tharoor

Nehru: The Invention of India is a book written by Shashi Tharoor in 2003. It is a short biography that talks about the life of the first Prime Minister of India. It covers both personal aspects along with the historical and political aspects of India during the time of Pandit Nehru.

The author of India: From Midnight to the Millennium provides a close-up portrait of Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first prime minister, the influential politician who led his newly independent nation from colonialism into the modern world, and his lasting legacy in terms of India’s history and world role. 12,500 first printing.

Nehru : The Invention of India

Author(s): Shashi Tharoor

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc., Year: 2017

ISBN: 9781611454116 1611454115



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