Social Media Analytics Strategy

Social Media Analytics Strategy Pdf

This book shows you how to use social networking analysis to optimize your business performance. The tools discussed will prepare and implement an effective digital marketing strategy. Since the understanding of data and its metric sources, panels and detailed reports, this book is a robust tool for anyone looking for a tangible return on the investment of social networks and digital marketing. The strategy of analysis of social networks speaks to sellers who do not have a technical background and create a bridge in the digital world. Comparable books are too technical for marketing markers (aimed at software developers) or too basic and do not consider the strategy. They also review the entire process of using analysis within a company project. They do not enter the daily details and do not affect the general errors made by the marketing marketologists. This book emphasizes the patterns of common challenges experienced by the marketing level markers to develop C directors and managers, social networking analyzes are explored and explained by examples and interviews in the real world with experienced professionals and founders. Analytical companies of social networks.

What you will learn

Get a clear picture of the data available for social networking marketing and how to get it all
Use data and information behind social networking networks in your favor.
Know the details of the tools and analytical platforms of social networks so that you can use any tool in the market.
Apply analysis of social networks to many cases of real world usage
Get maintenance advice with professional marketers and founders of social media analytical platforms.
Understand where social networks go, and what to expect in the future.

For whom is this book
Marketing personnel, specialists in social networking, analysts of directors and managers of level C, marketing students and social networking analytical / social networking teachers


Social Media Analytics Strategy: Using Data to Optimize Business Performance PDF

Author(s): Alex Gonçalves (auth.)

Publisher: Apress, Year: 2017

ISBN: 978-1-4842-3101-2, 978-1-4842-3102-9

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