Structural Analysis 2 Statically Indeterminate Structures

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Structural Analysis 2 Statically Indeterminate Structures

Structural Analysis 2 Statically Indeterminate Structures by Salah Khalfallah | PDF Free Download.

Structural Analysis 2 Contents

  • Chapter 1. Introduction to Statically Indeterminate
  • Chapter 2. Method of Three Moments 
  • Chapter 3. Method of Forces
  • Chapter 4. Slope-Deflection Method
  • Chapter 5. Moment-Distribution Method
  • Chapter 6. Influence Lines of Statically Indeterminate Structures 
  • Chapter 7. Statically Indeterminate Arch Analysis

Preface to Structural Analysis 2 Statically Indeterminate Structures

The main objective of this volume is to provide students of civil, mechanical, aeronautical, and marine engineering as well as those interested in structural analysis with the essentials for analyzing statically indeterminate structures.

This book allows them to acquire sufficient knowledge to study and analyze statically indeterminate structures.

The reader will find a series of exercises at the end of each chapter that can be used to deepen their knowledge and improve their ability to master statically indeterminate structural analysis methods. This book is the second volume of structural analysis.

The first volume is devoted to analyzing statically determinate structures, whereas this volume exclusively analyzes statically indeterminate structures.

Every chapter is designed in a specific way: an illustration of the objectives and the parts covered, a general introduction, a theory of the proposed approach, a numerical study of some examples and a summary at the end. Each chapter concludes with a series of problems.

The primary objective is to meet the needs of mechanics students, allowing them to acquire the necessary knowledge and to apply statically indeterminate structural analysis methods. In addition, the numerical examples used are common across different numerical methods.

The book is divided into seven chapters dealing with statically indeterminate structures. It offers a comprehensive presentation of statically indeterminate structural analysis methods. Chapter 1 is a general introduction to analyzing statically indeterminate structures.

Chapter 2 presents the analysis of single-span statically indeterminate beams (the method of three moments), the study of continuous beams (the Clapeyron method), and the focus method.

In Chapter 3, the method of forces is described in the analysis of statically indeterminate beams, statically indeterminate frames, and statically indeterminate trusses.

Chapter 4 describes the slope-deflection method for the analysis of flexed elements, such as beams and frames. Chapter 5 illustrates the moment-distribution method.

Chapter 6 looks at the influence lines of support reactions and/or internal actions of statically indeterminate structures under moving loads.

Chapter 7 is devoted to the analysis of statically indeterminate arches. For this, two categories of arches are used: semicircular arches and curved arches.

Finally, we hope that our approach in this book’s publication will meet the needs of students interested in this scientific and technical subject.

Nevertheless, we are very aware that the work presented is not exempt from mistakes. For this reason, we warmly welcome any corrections and comments, which will improve future editions of this book.

Comments or suggestions can be sent to the email addresses found on the website

Structural analysis volume 2. Statically indeterminate structures.

Author(s): Khalfallah, Salah

Series: Civil engineering and geomechanics series.

Publisher: ISTE Ltd. ; Wiley, Year: 2018

ISBN: 9781786303387,1786303388,9781786303394,1786303396


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