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D A Benton,
Kylie Wright-Ford,

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Make your business a success with the new Industrial Revolution!
The business world has changed in recent years, and the pace of change will increase in the coming years. But one is the same. Quality leadership is the hinge that determines the fate of every organization. Leadership Mind Switch provides the key lessons needed to lead the business in a fully globalized business world where radical technology is booming. Debra Benton and Kylie Wright-Ford have helped some of today’s executives to better position themselves and their companies for the future. Now, in this groundbreaking leadership guide, they share their insights with you. Learn how to effectively guide your workforce, including:

Do you have a rich demographic texture? Represents up to 4 different generations
Company expectations are fluctuating (in some cases inconsistent)
Address different ideas about what success looks like
You can also use, approach, and understand technology in different ways.

The answers to these and many other questions are all here. You will learn to be the type of leader who is solid in his decisions but maintains an air of accessibility. You will learn how to manage high productivity while keeping your workers happy and satisfied with their work. Then learn how to adopt new technologies without sacrificing human touch, which is a hallmark of good leadership. Leading the future requires an unprecedented level of agility, self-confidence and courage. Change your leadership mindset and take advantage of competitive advantage now to drive tomorrow’s profits and growth.

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