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The Mahabharata Secret By Christopher C. Doyle




The Mahabharata Secret is the debut fiction novel by Indian author Christopher C. Doyle and was released on 21 October 2013 by Om Books. The story follows Vijay and his friends, as they try to decipher a series of clues which would lead them to a devastating Secret hidden by a brotherhood known as the Nine Men.

It is a thriller novel that revolves around mythology, science, religion and terrorism. The story-line takes the readers all the way back to ancient times in 244 B.C., where Emperor Ashoka the Great discovers a dark secret of the great Mahabharata. The secret is so dangerous that it could cause massive destruction to mankind if falls into wrong hands.

For 2300 years the secret remained hidden to save the world from untold horror. Hence, to save the secret, Ashoka forms a group of people called ‘Nine’ and gave them oath to protect the secret even on price of their lives.

Suddenly the story comes to the present, where a retired nuclear scientist, Vikram Singh is murdered in a mysterious way. Before his strange death, Vikram has sent few e-mails with cryptic clues to his nephew, Vijay. These clues further lead Vijay and his friends to unlock the secret in his uncle’s message. Throughout the story, Vijay along with his friends is racing against time while solving the mystery behind his uncle’s death and the message Vikram left before his demise.

The readers will find out various fictional and mysterious things about epic Mahabharata while going through the series of adventures in the book. Combining past and present, the book will intrigue all fiction lovers who are also keen to read about ancient India.

The Mahabharata Secret PDF

Author(s): Christopher C. Doyle

Series: The Mahabharata Secret #1

Publisher: Om Books, Year: 2013

ISBN: 9383202319, 9789383202317

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