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The Origin of Species By Charles Darwin

The Origin Of Species: 150th Anniversary Edition is a scientific literature and evolutionary biology book written by Charles Darwin.

This book is considered to be the foundation for evolutionary biology. In this book, Darwin introduced a theory that claimed that populations evolve over generations through a procedure of natural selection. It has been furnished with evidence for the range of life that is created by a common ancestry through a branching pattern of evolution. The author even includes evidence that he gathered on his expedition in 1830s and his succeeding findings from correspondence, research, and experimentation.

In short, Darwin’s theory stated that each and every specie was fertile enough, and if their offsprings remained, they would be able to increase the populations. Even in periodic fluctuation, the world’s population continues to remain the same size. It states that all of the important resources like food are limited, yet will be stable over time. He even states that there is a constant struggle for survival.

The book was initially written for those readers who were non-specialist. It attracted a widespread curiosity once it was published. Two decades after its original publication, there was widespread agreement amongst scientists that this theory on evolution was true and appropriate. Over the years, this concept was given various levels of interest, and now it is considered a unifying concept of life sciences.

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