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Welcome Home By Najwa Zebian

Welcome Home: A Guide to Building a Home For Your Soul is self help book by Najwa Zebian, published in 2012.

In Welcome Home, Zebian shares her story for the first time, powerfully weaving memoir, poetry and deeply resonant teachings into her storytelling, from leaving Lebanon at sixteen, to coming of age as a young Muslim woman in Canada, to building a new identity for herself as she learned to speak her truth. After the profound alienations she experienced, she learned to build a stable foundation inside herself, an identity independent of cultural expectations and the influence of others. With practical tools and prompts for self-understanding, she shows you how to build each room in your house, which form a firm basis for your self-worth, sense of belonging and happiness.

Welcome Home: A Guide to Building a Home for Your Soul

Author(s): Najwa Zebian

Publisher: Harmony, Year: 2021

ISBN: 0593231767,9780593231760







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