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Write Me A Love Story By Ravinder Singh

Write Me A Love Story is a romance novel by Ravinder Singh, publihshed in 2021.

The blue-eyed boy of Indian publishing, Abhimanyu Razdan is known for his bestselling romances, which move his readers to tears. PaperInk, an up-and-coming publishing house, is looking for an A-list author who will take them to the next level.

So, when Abhimanyu’s contract with his current publishers comes to an end, PaperInk decides to swoop in. But Abhimanyu isn’t quite like the emotional and sensitive characters in the novels he writes. Callous, egoistic and drunk on success, he gets into a hot argument with Asmita, PaperInk’s literary fiction editor, even before his first meeting with them. Already put off, despite her apology, he is even more incensed when he discovers that Asmita looks down on popular fiction, especially the kind he writes. He vows to teach her a lesson that could jeopardize her job.



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